In modern times, growing a beard is more than just facial hair, as it’s an important feature that complements your style. You might think that your beard and style are great.However, if you want to achieve a better look and optimize your style, we highly recommend youfollow these tips to choose the perfect beard for you.

The Shape of Your Head Plays a Big Role

Before making any grooming decisions or deciding the length of your beard, you need to learn the shape of your head. Identifying your face shapewill help you choose the right beard style for you, as there are a lot of beard styles that look better depending on the shape of the head.

The shape of your head can be simplified in one of the four main profiles (Oval, rectangle, triangular, and round). We’ll tell you which style suits you the most depending on your face shape.

The Perfect Beard for Oval Faces

Oval faces are by far the most versatile faces in comparison with the other three, as they can get away with almost any type of beard style. By having round and square features, oval faces can try a variety of beard styles, but we highly recommend keeping it simple.A short-trimmed beard is more than enough to look great.

The Perfect Beard for Rectangle Faces

Rectangle faces are known for looking long and have a big chin. Choosing a beard style with a pointy chin is a bad idea.Instead, go for a beard style that can focus on your cheeks, and help your jawline look a little more defined.

The Perfect Beard for Triangular Faces

If you have a triangular face, then you might also have a prominent chin. To avoid any unwanted attention to that prominent chin, we recommend a simple, classic, and short moustache.

The Perfect Beard for Rounded Faces

A round face is the total opposite of a rectangle face. Instead of going for a beard style that focuses on making your jawline stand out, rounded faces need to focus on a beard style that can make your chin stand out from the rest of your face. A goatee is the go-to beard style for rounded faces.

Beards highly influence the style of each man. Choosing the right beard style can help you look better, which is why we highly suggest choosing wisely the next time you think of changing your beard style.

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4 Tips to Choose the Best Beard Style for your Face