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Montreal is one of the biggest cities in Canada and one of the favourite places to visit, according to tourists. One of the reasons why Montreal is so popular with tourists is because it has great touristic places such as Mont-Royal, the botanic garden of Montreal, and the Vieux-Montreal.

However, Montreal has more to offer than just museums and parks, as it’s filled with amazing businesses related to fashion and glamour. If you like to look good all the time, then you should check out the hair salons and barbershops in Montreal.

There’s no better place to learn more about the hair salons and barbershop of Montreal than Mantelier. Founded in 2009, Mantelier serves as a pocket guide for those who are looking for the ideal hair salon.

Find articles about the top-rated hair salons in Montreal and which barbershop offers the best services around. We write about personal care and getting the right hairstyle.

Most of our articles are about how to get the best haircut, how to find the perfect hair routine, what to do when you get your haircut, and barbershops and hair salons.

Mantelier is the perfect website for those who want to change their hairstyle but don’t know about any good hair salon or barbershop to go to. If you don’t know any good place to get your hair done, you can easily search Mantelier for the hair salon that suits you the most.

With over a decade writing about the best businesses in Montreal, Mantelier keeps being a fantastic website and a great way to learn a little more about the best city in Quebec.